Why light – Couchsurfing Light?

Stefan Orth, author of the book „Couch surfing in Iran“, suggested that novices like me shouldn’t start their couch surfing experience in a country like Iran. And even more so because we Germans tend to be a bit spoiled and very cautious when thinking about security, especially of our children. Therefor I want to start our very own adventure in Europe and I know that it will be awesome and we will meet mind-bogglingly interesting people along the way.

My very own man of my dreams will not be able to take this time out. He’s the one earning the money I will spend *justjoking* and he has to tend the house while we are away.

And so my little car is going to become a kind of home for my daughter and me while we are on our way to conquer the world. And as soon as I’m on my way, as soon as I meet fantastically inspiring people, I will as sure as hell change my plans to realize great ideas and to meet even more great people. But in the short run I will need a fixed plan and a route, just to be safe.

And because I love my husband dearly and as I’m not too excited about the idea of coming back to an empty house after two years, I will be couch surfing at my family’s place every now and then.

But the whole planning is still wide open. Depending on destination and schedule I might as well stuff him into my travel bag and share the part of the experience with him.

I’m a professional photographer and people are captured by my camera genuinely undisguised, authentic and in a documental way. More about my curls and me you will find here

I will not be earning any money during this period and I had not time to pile up any fortunes for this expedition between having the idea and starting. That’s what happens when you’re restless and want anything in an instant. Therefore I offer you a deal. If you are interested I will come over and portray you. We will start off with a brainstorming in order to see, what your ideas are and how to realize them. Maybe a little home story of your everyday life. Or something totally different.

So now you are curios what I photographed so far? Have a look at this https://manuelajaeger.de