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Why – Couchsurfing

Reading the book „Couch surfing in Iran“, I was, amongst many other things, captivated, fascinated and thought-provokingly inspired. Pretty fast I was goggling the author’s website and found a date for a lecture in Cologne. I took the chance to meet such an inspiring character in person and wow, I can tell you, I was blown away by the impressions and stories he shared.

That night I met a young lady who was as fascinated as I was and she told me that couch surfing was even possible with kids. Since then my brain is running at full blast.

There are folks out there, and I guess you have met them as well, who are constantly telling you things like: ….I really should do this…. I would love to….If only I could…Someday…etc.

I know that I have had the same thoughts every now and the and maybe I even spoke like that sometimes.  That is over now!

Last year, Tia and I have traveled a lot, have couchurfing done and meet crazy, cool people.


My daughter is five years old and I have another one year before she has to attend school. Enough time for a hassle-free, time-independent experience after my fancy.

So I made up my mind: I will be couch surfing, meeting people, embrace cultures and experience adventure. And I will be guided by you!

Stefan Orth, author of the book „Couch surfing in Iran“, suggested that novices like me shouldn’t start their couch surfing experience in a country like Iran. This tip we have followed and traveled a lot in Germany. And even more so because we Germans tend to be a bit spoiled and very cautious when thinking about security, especially of our children.

Since our start in 2016 we have been in contact with a family living in Bangkok. They have invited us and for over a year, we are writing about Facebook. And that is where we start. We come to a protected family, the first cultural shock is so much easier for us because German is spoken and we can slowly get used to the country and show some tricks of the country.

So I already have some starting points with people i´ve contakt in the last weeks. From there our adventure can start.

My very own man of my dreams will not be able to take this time out. He’s the one earning the money I will spend *justjoking* and he has to tend the house while we are away.

I am looking forward to great stories, inspiring people and life-threatening evening.

And because I love my husband dearly and as I’m not too excited about the idea of coming back to an empty house after two years, he will visit us one one or two places.

But the planning is still completely free. Depending on the destination and the time, we will experience this adventure for a short time.

I’m a professional photographer and videographer and people are captured by my camera genuinely undisguised, authentic and in a documental way. More about my curls and me you will find here

I will not be earning any money during this period and I had not time to pile up any fortunes for this expedition between having the idea and starting. That’s what happens when you’re restless and want anything in an instant. Therefore I offer you a deal. If you are interested I will come over and portray you. We will start off with a brainstorming in order to see, what your ideas are and how to realize them. Or something totally different.

For this you show me your culture, great places and all who know me, the food is one of my greatest passion 😉

So now you are curios what I photographed so far? Have a look at this

Travel Deal


  • No single men (arrange something with your nice neighbours, your sister and her family or persuade your ex and the kid to move back in … then we can talk about it)
  • You like kids and we will take our time to play with the tiny one and, if you have kids, with them as well.
  • You sponsor our travel expenses by living with you, eating together, having fun and showing us your most beautiful places.
  • You have a wicked idea, a very special way of living, a foreign culture or some other amazing things the world needs to see.

And here you can apply:

2 + 3 = ?